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Exstreamer 100
Exstreamer 100

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Audio over IP decoder with line-level audio outputs and USB flash memory interface, low power, multi-format (MP3/WMA/AACplusV2,PCM, Ethersound) support.

The Exstreamer 100 | 105 IP Audio Decoder decodes and plays multi-protocol and multi-format audio streams, including MP3, AACplusV2, WMA, PCM, G.711, and Ethersound. It features a stereo line level output, headphone connection, and low power consumption. The Exstreamer 100 | 105 is a reliable IP-enabled audio streaming device which can be used in a variety of audio over IP applications such as local and internet-based IP music distribution systems, in-store audio applications, paging and announcement systems.

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Exstreamer 100 | 105 


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  • Streaming internet radio in bars and clubs
  • Radio channels in hotel rooms distributed via IP network
  • Playback point in an IP public address system
  • In-store audio distribution
  • Playing audio from a PC, a jukebox application, or from flash memory
  • Commercial audio streaming applications
  • Confidence check for broadcast stations

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